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APS  Affiliate #210
APS Affiliate #210

NDSCS stamps are issued in sheets of 12 with a $5 face value. Full sheets are available for $50, and a purchase of 5 or more sheets (mix and match any years) will receive a 30% discount when paid by check or money order. Shipping and handling is $2 per order without any sheets and $5 per order including any sheets.

NDSCS Stamp Items for Purchase:


  1. Use the buttons to order singles, sheets, and/or top or bottom rows of three for any year(s).

  2. If you only order singles or rows, enter S&H charge of $2.
    If there are any sheets in your order, enter S&H charge of $5.
    Only enter one S&H charge - either $2 or $5.

  3. After entering your last item, click on PayPal Checkout to finalize your purchase. You do not need to be enrolled in PayPal to place an order and pay by credit card.

  4. To order by mail, send a check made out to the NDSCS to:
    NDSCS Stamp
    c/o Dr. Ira Cotton
    3685 Pleasant Springs Drive
    Naples, FL 34119.

  5. Please don't forget to include the S&H charge.

Select 25th Anniversary Choices (2 different se-tenant stamps):

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2009 NDSCS Stamp
Robert Hautman
2010 NDSCS Stamp
Jim Hautman
NDSCS 2011 Stamp
Joe Hautman
Barrow's Goldeneyes

2012 NDSC Stamp
Philip Crowe
Surf Scoter

NDSCS 2013 Stamp
Rebekah Nastav
Blue-winged Teal

Ron Louque

2015 NDSC Stamp

Cynthie Fisher
Speckled Eider

2016 NDSC Stamp
Ken Michaelson

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