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National Duck Stamp Collectors Society (NDSCS)
Founded and Established March 14, 1992


In the early 90's, Bob Dumaine, the society founder, envisioned a society as a vehicle to allow members to swap stories, enjoy each other's company and collections at stamp shows and events, and to educate new or young collectors in the hobby of Duck Stamp collecting. For over a year, Bob worked hard and in March of 1992, his tenacious efforts culminated in the formative meeting of the National Duck Stamp Collectors Society (NDSCS) being held in New York City. A society exclusively devoted to the Duck Stamp collector was hatched.

Bob Dumaine, NDSCS founder

There were six "founding fathers" gathered to move the idea into reality. Nick Oglesby was chosen chairmen of the group composed of Bob Dumaine, Eugene German, David Green, Peter Pierce and John Remaley. That day, the bylaws were proposed and approved, officers were chosen, and governors were appointed. Nick Oglesby was President, Gene German - Vice President, Peter Pierce - Secretary, and John Remaley - Treasurer. Dave Green was appointed Membership Chairman and Cecil Daniels, Jr. was appointed Newsletter Editor.

First Meeting of the NDSCS, November 1992
First Meeting of the NDSCS, November 1992.
L-R Front row: Nick Oglesby, John Remaley, Peter Pierce.
Back row: Norma Opgrand, Bob Dumaine, Cecil Daniels, Ed Ambrogi, Jim Jude.

Duck Tracks, Vol. 1, No. 1, Third Quarter 1992

A logo was approved by one of the governors - Kip Koss, the grandson of the Jay N. "Ding" Darling, the "father of the Federal Duck Stamp Program." The first Duck TracksTM newsletter was published and distributed by Cecil Daniels in the third quarter of 1992.

The first public event that the society officers attended under the sponsorship of the society was the First Day Sale/Artist Home Town Ceremony, on July 1, 1992 in Jackson, New Jersey for the 1992 Federal Duck Stamp. During the past 5 years, society members have helped the Duck Stamp office at shows, conducted several lectures at major stamp shows and events, sponsored Junior Duck contest prizes, donated to Federal Duck Stamp program events, and published a high quality newsletter for the membership.

1997 Congressional Reception
1997 Congressional Reception
L-R: DUMAC (Mexico) representative, Bill Webster, Dan Harshman,
Rita Wahrer, Bob Dumaine,
DUMAC (Mexico) representative, John Gieser.

The society membership is cyclical and has continued to remain steady at 400 active members since its creation year. The society continues to grow and encounter its ups and downs like any volunteer staffed organization. You can do your part to help continue the 65-plus year tradition of the Federal Duck Stamp Program by joining the society, participating in society sponsored events or just by purchasing duck stamps and other officially licensed products to support wildlife conservation and wetlands purchases.

The National Duck Stamp Collectors Society is incorporated in the State of Delaware by Charles Durante, legal counsel for the society. The society is also recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit charitable organization 501(c) (3) to allow its membership fee to be tax deductible.


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